Golden Altos Corporation
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Assembly Services

Package Configurations


Golden Altos is experienced in assembling a wide range of package types and sizes; from 3-lead LCCs to 559-lead PGAs and nearly everything in between. We also cover a wide range of specialty hybrid packages.

We’ll work with your existing packages or Golden Altos can source packages through our ongoing relationships with recognized package manufacturers.

Golden Altos assembles a wide variety of standard ceramic and specialty packages


Standard Ceramic Packages

Ceramic SOIC — Small Outline Integrated Circuit

  • CERDIP — Ceramic Dual Inline Package with lead frame

    • Windowed or Non-Windowed

  • CERPAC — Ceramic Package with unformed leads on two opposite sides

  • CERQUAD —Ceramic Package with unformed leads on all four sides

    • Windowed or Non-Windowed

  • CQFP — Ceramic Quad Flat Pack with bottom leads on all four sides

  • FLATPACK — Ceramic Package with bottom leads on two opposite sides

  • JLCC — Leaded Chip Carrier with “J” bend leads

  • LCC — Leadless Chip Carrier

  • PGA —Pin Grid Array

    • Cavity Up or Down

    • With or Without Heatsinks

  • SIDEBRAZE — Ceramic Dual Inline Package with attached leads


Specialty Packages

COB — Chip On Board

  • FLEX CABLE — Package with integrated cable

  • HYBRID — Mixed components in same package

  • METAL TO CANS — Metal Transistor Outline Can-type package

  • MULTICHIP MODULE — Multiple Integrated Circuits in same package