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JEDEC JESD22 Qualification Testing for Plastic Packaged Semiconductor Devices

JEDEC JESD22 Testing


Environmental Tests

  • Steady State Temperature Humidity Bias Life (Method A101)

  • Accelerated Moisture Resistance – Unbiased Autoclave (Method A102)

  • Temperature Cycling (Method A104)

  • Thermal Shock (Method A106)

  • Salt Atmosphere (Method A107)

  • Bias Life (Method A108)

  • Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test – HAST (Method A110)

  • Moisture Induced Stress Sensitivity for Plastic Surface Mount Devices (Method A112)

  • Preconditioning of Plastic Surface Mount Devices Prior to Reliability Testing (Method A113)

Mechanical Tests

  • Physical Dimensions (Method B100)

  • Solderability (Method B102)

  • Vibration, Variable Frequency (Method B103)

  • Mechanical Shock (Method B104)

  • Lead Integrity (Method B105)

  • Resistance to Soldering Heat (Method B106 – Conditions A and B)

  • Resistance to Solvents (Method B107)