Golden Altos Corporation
Serving the semiconductor, military and aerospace industries since 1984


About Golden Altos



Company Profile

Golden Altos Corporation established its first operation in 1984 providing burn in services in addition to designing and manufacturing burn in boards. As the company grew, additional services were added. In 1991 the company started its hermetic assembly/packaging operation for commercial and military applications. Golden Altos’ environmental testing laboratory commenced operation in 1993.



  • Headquarters: Milpitas, California

  • Focus: Providing post-wafer fabrication hermetic assembly and test services

  • Serving: Military, Aerospace, Specialized Commercial and Quick Turn Builds

  • Cleanroom: 3000 square foot Class 1000 cleanroom, Class 100 laminar flow workstations

  • Quality Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, QML, Lab Suitability, ITAR Registered



Full Service Provider

As a full service provider of post-wafer fabrication operations, Golden Altos is committed to quality, delivery and competitive pricing. In October of 1996, the Company was ISO-9001 certificated for Hermetic Assembly and Environmental Testing of devices. In May 1998 the company was granted a MIL-PRF-38535 Custom Microcircuit Certification and Laboratory Suitability by the Department of Defense’s Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) [Now DLA]. By 2006, Golden Altos was certified for space level assembly. ITAR certification came in 2009.

Expanding Capabilities

In recent years, Golden Altos expanded its capabilities in the areas of program management, electrical testing, and hybrid/multichip module assembly(MCMs). The first two extend the scope of the services Golden Altos can offer its customers covering all aspects of the post-wafer fabrication process. In the case of hybrids and MCMs, the Company currently builds to the MIL-PRF-38534 standard.

Golden Altos Corporation is a fast-paced service provider fulfilling the hermetic assembly and test needs of the Semiconductor industry including the Military and Aerospace communities. The Company’s growth will continue with evolving and unique services based on our core strengths.