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Serving the semiconductor, military and aerospace industries since 1984

Golden Altos Corporation

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Serving the semiconductor, military and aerospace industries since 1984

If you’re looking for turnkey monolithic or hybrid assembly, fully compliant qualifications, complete burn-in services or any stage in between, you’ve found your answer. We’re here to take your design and ensure timely delivery of the final product for your customer. 

At Golden Altos, we’re committed to providing the semiconductor, military and aerospace communities with quality service building both single chip and multichip modules. 

Quality isn’t just a word at Golden Altos. We continually strive to deliver the finest products, services and documentation. We do this through our own internal quality system as well as regular certifications through outside and government agencies.


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Golden Altos delivers the complete package from assembly builds to flight ready parts.

  • Single Chip ICs to Hybrids and Multi-Chip Modules (MCM)

  • Military / Aerospace Assembly and Testing

  • Wafer Processing: Backgrinding, Inspection, Saw, Plating

  • Engineering Prototypes and Pre-production builds

  • Volume Production

  • Mechanical and Environmental Testing

  • Engineering Services

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