Qualification Services / MIL-STD-883 & JEDEC Screening

Since March 2000, Defense Logistics Agency (DSCC) has evaluated Golden Altos Corporation’s laboratory and found it suitable for performing testing in accordance with the Department of Defense specifications listed herein.

All testing performed is compliant per test methods in:

  • MIL-STD-883
  • MIL-PRF-38535

The types of qualification tests used to determine the reliability and quality of solid state devices used in high reliability applications are divided into three different classes:

  • Environmental — Devices are subjected to different varying environmental conditions. Variable environmental parameters include, but are not limited to, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
  • Mechanical — Devices are subjected to different destructive and non-destructive mechanical stresses including, but not limited to, vibration, twisting, and bending.
  • Electrical — Devices are subjected to different electrical stresses including, but not limited to, different levels of supply voltages, threshold and non-threshold voltages.

MIL-STD-883 Qualification Testing for Hermetically Packaged Semiconductor Devices

Environmental Tests

  • Moisture Resistance (Method 1004)
  • Steady State Life (Method 1005)
  • Salt Atmosphere Corrosion (Method 1009)
  • Temperature Cycling (Method 1010)
  • Thermal Shock (Method 1011)
  • Seal, Fine and Gross Leak Test (Method 1014)
  • Burn-In Test (Method 1015)
  • Internal Water Vapor Content (Method 1018)

Mechanical Tests

  • Constant Acceleration (Method 2001)
  • Mechanical Shock (Method 2002)
  • Solderability (Method 2003)
  • Lead Integrity (Method 2004)
  • Vibration Variable Frequency (Method 2007)
  • Bond Strength Destructive Bond Pull Test (Method 2011)
  • Resistance to Solvents (Method 2015)
  • Physical Dimensions (Method 2016)
  • Die Shear Strength (Method 2019)
  • Particle impact Noise Detection Test (Method 2020)
  • Lid Torque for glass-fit-sealed packages (Method 2024)
  • Adhesion of Lead Finish (Method 2025)
  • Random Vibration (Method 2026)

Group B Tests

  • For Class B Devices
    • Subgroup 2 – Resistance to Solvent
    • Subgroup 3 – Solderability
    • Subgroup 5 – Bond Strength
  • For Class S Devices
    • Subgroup 1 – Physical Dimension, Water Vapor Content
    • Subgroup 2 – Resistance to Solvent, Internal Visual &  Mechanical Bond Strength, Substrate Attach
    • Subgroup 3 – Solderability
    • Subgroup 4 – Lead Integrity, Fine Leak, Gross Leak, Lid Torque
    • Subgroup 5 – Steady State Life
    • Subgroup 6 – Temperature Cycle, Constant Acceleration,  Fine Leak, Gross Leak

Group C Tests

  • Sub-group 1A

Group D Tests

  • Sub-group 1
  • Sub-group 2
  • Sub-group 3
  • Sub-group 4
  • Sub-group 5
  • Sub-group 6
  • Sub-group 7
  • Sub-group 8

JEDEC JESD22 Qualification Testing for Plastic Packaged Semiconductor Devices

Environmental Tests

  • Steady State Temperature Humidity Bias Life (Method A101)
  • Accelerated Moisture Resistance – Unbiased Autoclave (Method A102)
  • Temperature Cycling (Method A104)
  • Thermal Shock (Method A106)
  • Salt Atmosphere (Method A107)
  • Bias Life (Method A108)
  • Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test – HAST (Method A110)
  • Moisture Induced Stress Sensitivity for Plastic Surface Mount Devices (Method A112)
  • Preconditioning of Plastic Surface Mount Devices Prior to Reliability Testing (Method A113)

Mechanical Tests

  • Physical Dimensions (Method B100)
  • Solderability (Method B102)
  • Vibration, Variable Frequency (Method B103)
  • Mechanical Shock (Method B104)
  • Lead Integrity (Method B105)
  • Resistance to Soldering Heat (Method B106 – Conditions A and B)
  • Resistance to Solvents (Method B107)

In addition, we are capable of testing to the following specifications:


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