Golden Altos Adds New Die Attach Machine To Improve Throughput

Milpitas, CA (July 7, 2016) — As part of its continuing investment in the future, Golden Altos has brought online the MAT-6400 Automatic High Accuracy Die Attach System from MicroAssembly Technologies, Ltd.  The MAT-6400 applies a variety of die attach materials in both single and multi-dot patterns and then accurately places the die in its proper location.


With the use of high-resolution digital vision and image processing, the MAT-6400 can attach die for hybrids, multichip modules (MCMs) as well as monolithics.  Die can be presented in various ways including waffle/gel packs and tape & reel.

Ben Mendoza, Vice President and General Manager, said, “With our wide range of customers and their varying die sizes and attach requirements, the MAT-6400 offers Golden Altos the throughput needed to meet schedule demands while maintaining our superior quality levels.”

About Golden Altos Corporation

For over 30 years, Golden Altos has delivered high reliability integrated circuit and hybrid assembly services to the semiconductor, military and aerospace communities.  In addition, Golden Altos provides with testing (mechanical, environmental and electrical) which meets MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-38535 and JEDEC standards.  Located in Silicon Valley, Golden Altos also offers program management expertise to handle projects every step along the way from wafer acquisition to certified flight-ready parts.

Contact:  Winston Kuok